2018 Spring SSC SEMINAR SERIES – PLATFORM: Politics, Art, Media


PLATFORM: Politics, Art, Media

The platform makes no claim to a monopoly on politics, art or media. Contemporary architecture is necessarily implicated in the larger social, cultural and economic fields that comprise the matter of cities, spaces, places and things. Rather, our students propose methodologies, modes of analysis and strategies for intervention that focus on the problematizing of these fields in ways that make inquiry and speculation possible.

By delimiting the work of the platform, we do lay claim to architecture’s role in mediating an understanding of the larger world – both as an imperfect mirror and as a projective tool that describes alternatives. We ask students to be conscious of questions of agency in architecture, and to recognize that architecture itself can be understood as a construct, mediated and manipulated for the interests of some, such that power and capital circumscribe its capacities.

Rather than “the future”, “progress” or the “new”, the work of the platform lies in seeing differently, in looking in unexpected ways, and in asking questions of architecture – and of the world – that in their very articulation, raise still others. What would be a failure is if architecture’s relation to this world was based on a comfort-able, normative set of assumptions rather than an insistent, persistent and productive anxiety. The “project” as such, is an interrogation of what it means to do, make and think through architecture in the context of contemporary complexity. The challenge our students face is to deploy the discipline – which is now also theirs – in ways of their fashioning that will inevitably shape their practice and potentially the spaces we inhabit.

7:00pm, Monday, January 22
Landscape and Memory
Philip FUNG,
Founding Partner and Principal Architect ,FLY Concept;
Lecturer, Department of Architecture, XianJiaotong Liverpool University

7:00pm, Monday, January 29
Growing Up withShanghai: Connecting With the City through Sound
Terrence LLOREN, Sound Recordist
SHEN Yi, Photographer

7:00pm, Thursday, February 1
Architecture of Artifacts: Excerptsfrom a Diaspora Manifesto
Darren ZHOU,
LEED AP; Principal, SKEW Collaborative;
Director, Cities in Asia Programme;
Honorary Assistant Professor, The Universityof Hong Kong

7:00pm, Thursday, February 8
An Urban Tactical Practice
Kailun SUN
Project Architectat ISOZAKI + HuQian Partners,
Founder of ‘FLIP’pop-up space

Organizer 主办:
The Department of Architecture,
The University of Hong Kong

Venue 地点:
HKU/Shanghai Study Centre
298 Bei Suzhou Lu (close to Sichuan Bei Lu)
Hongkou District, Shanghai
Metro Line 10 or 12, Tiantong Lu
地铁10 或12号线 天潼路站3号口

Website: http://ash.arch.hku.hk
Email: sscmedia@hku.hk