21 April, Ge Ming: Structure-ing

2016_Lecture_Ge Ming-Poster




Structure-ing is about amethod of space design, and this lecture will firstly introduce its ideas andseveral routes: structure as media in space composition, structure as element,structure in meaning, structure as object. Then it will introduce how structurepresents as itself, and introduce the operation and training ofStructure-ing.

结构法是一种空间的方法。本次讲座将分别探讨它的概念和进入其中的几条路径:作为空间构成中介的结构,作为要素呈现的结构,作为意义解放的结构, 作为物体存在的结构。之后我们还会探讨它如何呈现作为结构自身的方法,并介绍它的操作与训练。


Ge Ming



Professor, Vice Dean,School of Achitecture, Southeast University

Deputy secretary generalof the Architecture Committee of Chinese Artists Association

Main works: Micro Garden;Ru Garden; 11th International Architecture Exhibition, Venice Biennale,Chinesepavilion-murmur.

Research fields: Methodsof design for Architecture, Installation, Gardening.

Main publication: Raumplan,  Structure-ing,  De-formal Planning, Black, etc.

东南大学建筑学院教授、副院长,中国美术家协会建筑艺术委员会副秘书长。主要作品有如园、微园、2008威尼斯建筑双年展中国馆之一“Murmur” 等。主要研究建筑、概念建筑与园林设计方法,曾发表《体积法》、《结构法》、《不定形法》、《黑》等论文。


19:30  Thursday, 21 April, 2016


1/F Lecture Hall

HKU/Shanghai Study Centre

298 Bei Suzhou Lu(close to Sichuan Bei Lu)Hongkou District, ShanghaiSubway Line 10, TiantongLu