4+ Internship in Architecture Programme 香港大学4+建筑学实习项目

Program Description 课程介绍

The 4+ Internship in Architecture Program offered by the Faculty of Architecture at The University of Hong Kong is a stand-alone program intended for individuals who have completed or is to complete a five-year undergraduate professional program in architecture or its equivalent. It aims at providing architecture students with an opportunity to get exposed to HKU’s curriculum and faculties and multi-cultural working environment in the leading architectural design office. Target students of the program include Year 5 undergraduate students and graduate students who majored in architecture, potentially pursuing a higher degree in architecture and/or related fields at HKU or universities overseas. 

The program consists of design studio, field trips, lectures and internship in architectural offices, which are to be led by both HKU teachers and experienced professionals (architects, landscape architects, engineers) practicing in Shanghai. The 16 weeks of training will help the students get prepared for multi-cultural academic and working environment. Students advance and expand their theoretical and analytical skills with strengthened disciplinary knowledge. The program is also designed to meet the requirements of the practical/internship training modular for Year 5 undergraduate students majored in architecture in Mainland China.


项目包含设计课、实地调研、讲座和实习等部分, 项目任课老师和客座教师均为香港大学教师及具有丰富实践经验的建筑师、景观建筑师、工程师等,实习单位均为上海优秀外资设计院或独立事务所。16周的课程可以帮助学生提早适应多文化的教学、工作环境,增强他们在理论和分析方面的能力,精进学科知识。课程中的实习项目可以满足内地建筑学五年级的实习要求。

Schedule of Teaching and Learning Activities 时间安排及教学活动 (TBC)

Phase Description of Work Date (TBC)
Phase I (4 weeks) Design Studio + Lectures 25/8 – 21/9
Phase II (12 weeks) Internship in office 22/9 – 7/12
Phase III (2 weeks) Design Studio (Shanghai) + Final Review + Presentation (Hong Kong/Shanghai) 8/12 – 21/12

Internship Company(TBC) 候选实习单位

Skidmore, Owings and Merrill(SOM上海)
Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates(KPF上海)
Gensler (Gensler 上海)
Atelier Liu Yuyang Studio(刘宇扬建筑设计事务所)
Scenic Architecture Office(山水秀)

*The internship post shall be assigned based on both the company’s and student’s intentions.

Tutors Introduction(TBC) 教师介绍

Prof. Weijen Wang,
BSc, MSc Nat Taiwan; MArch UC Berkeley ; FHKIA; HKID,
Professor, Department of Architecture, Andrew KF Lee Professor in Architecture Design, HKU

Mr. Anderson Lee,
BSc Michigan; MArch Princeton; RA (Hong Kong, New York); AIA HKIA RIBA
Associate Professor in Practice, Department of Architecture, HKU

Mr. Oscar Ko,
BSc Michigan; MArch Columbia;
Adjunct Lecturer, Department of Architecture, HKU

Dr. Ying Zhou,
BSc(Eng) Princeton; MArch Harvard; PhD ETHZ; Fulbright Fellow,
Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture, HKU

Dr. Zhu Tao
BSc Chongqing U; MArch, PhD Columbia;
Associate Professor and Deputy Head of Department of Architecture,
Co-director of the Center for Chinese Architecture and Urban Design, HKU

Mr. Zhaofan Lee,
Bs, Ms Tsinghua;
Associate Director, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP (SOM)

Mr. Darren Zhou,
BA Columbia, MArch Princeton; LEED AP,
Principal, SKEW Collaborative

台湾大学学士及硕士学位 美国加州伯克利大学硕士;美国建筑师协会/香港建筑师学会/香港设计师协会会员

美国密歇根大学学士 美国普林斯顿大学硕士;香港及纽约注册建筑师;美国建筑师协会/香港建筑师学会/英国皇家建筑师学会会员

美国密歇根大学学士 美国哥伦比亚大学硕士

美国普林斯顿大学学士 美国哈佛大学硕士 瑞士苏黎世联邦理工学院博士 富布莱特学者

重庆大学学士 美国哥伦比亚大学硕士 博士


美国哥伦比亚大学学士 美国普林斯顿大学硕士 LEED绿色建筑认证专家

General Information 资讯

Program Director: Anderson LEE

Date: Aug 25 – Dec 21, 2019
时间安排:2019年8月25日 – 12月21日

Language: English

Location: HKU Shanghai Study Center, Shanghai, China

Tuition: 70,000 HKD. The fee excludes accommodation, meals, airfare/transportation. A Scholarship of 15,000HKD will be offered to an applicant who has demonstrated outstanding achievement and interest in pursuing a career in architectural practice.
学费:70,000 港币。学费中不包含住宿、餐饮及交通费用。条件杰出并有志于将建筑实践作为职业发展方向的申请者将有机会获得15,000港币的奖学金。

Registration 报名方式及时间

Application can be done via online system. Application will be accepted on a rolling basis and applicants are encouraged to apply as early as possible. For further details, please make inquiry to sscmedia@hku.hk.


Deadlines: July 1, 2019

Application & Admission 报名与录取

Thank you for your interest in 4+ Internship in Architecture Program. We look forward to receiving your application.

Your application is the opportunity to introduce yourself and tell us all about your academic background, interests, achievements, and goals. Please fill in the online form to complete the pre-application, and submit supporting documents. 

All the supporting documents should be delivered as attachment to an email to sscmedia@hku.hk with a title of “2019_4+_your full name”. It should include:

Statement of Purpose
Academic Records and English Proficiency Test Record (TOEFL/IELTS/CET Band4 or Band6)
Design Portfolio
Graduation Certificate (for graduate student)

More information about these and other required application items are discussed here. We understand this can be a stressful process. Should you have any questions feel free to contact us at sscmedia@hku.hk.


Please submit soft-copies of the following documents according to the instructions below. Your full name should be marked on each document. Transcripts, certificates and other submitted documents which are not in English should be accompanied by translation.

1 Design Portfolio (A4 landscape orientation in PDF format; 15 pages; 10 MB file size limit): Including academic design work and professional work.

2 A Written Statement of Interest (PDF format, 500 words maximum): It should include the followings:-

(i) Describe why you want to attend the program and identify specific aspects of the program or the context of Hong Kong that have influenced your decision to apply;

(ii) Describe an academic project or professional experience that has shaped the way you approach architecture or urbanism; and

(iii) Identify a topic or architecture or urbanism that you would like to explore in greater depth in your graduate studies in MArch program;

*Curriculum Vitae (inclusive of publications and academic awards, if any) with a maximum length of 5 pages (Optional)

3 English Proficiency Test Record (if applicants have not been studying in the university in which the courses are taught in English, English Proficiency Test Record is required);

4 Transcripts (PDF format).

*For graduate students, please also submit:

5 Soft copy of graduation certificate (PDF or JPEG format)


July 1, 2019: All applications must be completed and received by June 1 in order to be reviewed for admission.

July 15, 2019: Applicants will be notified of our admissions decision.

August 1, 2019: Deadline for admitted students to file intent to register.

Contact Us 联系与咨询

Phone: +86 021-63079018-109 / +86 15317828593

Email: sscmedia@hku.hk