6 May: Lecture Chen Haoru


This Monday, our lecture series ‘The Next Decade’ at HKU/Shanghai Study Centre will focus on the future of the countryside. In his talk, Chen Haoru will discuss ‘The village surveys and the design approach to nature’.

Behind every wave of urbanization, there’s a massive destruction of ways of lives. However, in the rural areas of China’s Southeastern region remain villages with an inspiring way of life: a sophisticated sustainable living that we have long forgotten. The survey of these villages brings together the understanding of the old with an alternative approach to a greener and more sustainable way of architecture. In this talk, Chen Haoru will discuss the possibilities of this revival in a new time.

Chen Haoru is the principal of Hangzhou based CITIARC design studio and a professor of architecture at the China Academy of Art. Chen has received his education from NYU and the City University of New York. He was trained as an architect in New York City and returned to China to practice in 2001. He is currently a candidate for a doctorate degree from CAA.