7:30pm, Friday, October 20, Book Launch & Talk, Ying Zhou: Urban Loopholes – Creative Alliances for Spatial Production in Shanghai’s City Center

Urban Loopholes – Creative Alliances for Spatial Production in Shanghai’s City Center

Author: Dr. Ying Zhou, Assistant Professorat Department of Architecture, HKU

Book:Urban Loopholes: Creatives Alliances for Spatial Production in Shanghai’sCity Center(2017, Birkhäuser, ISBN 978-3035611045)

Date: Friday, October 20, 2017

Time: 7pm – 9pm

Venue: The Shanghai Study Center (HKU),No.298 North Suzhou Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai

Language: English



书名:Urban Loopholes: Creatives Alliances for SpatialProduction in Shanghai’s City Center(2017,Birkhäuser, ISBN 978-3035611045)

日期:星期五 2017年10月13日

时间: 19:00 – 21:00



Taking cases from the until-now little-analyzed un-demolished remains of city center neighborhoods in Shanghai, the book Urban Loopholes: Creative Alliances of Spatial Production in Shanghai’s City Center by Dr. Ying Zhou willunpack the seemingly anarchic and opportunistic urban spatial production systemof the contemporary Chinese city to address what has perplexed Western publicas well as scholars alike.

Going behind the scenes in neighborhoods that increasingly appear like trend quarters in the West, it will divulge how the effortless vibe that is experienced todaywere imagined, constructed, and then scripted. The constellation of actors,from the expanding global network of multilingual cosmopolites to thedialect-speaking local party officials, form the malleable public-privatealliances that are producing the newest forms for urban reuse, creativeproduction, consumption, and heritage protection. Under an institutional framework that remains uniquely Chinese, how the ambiguous property rights andthe institutional vestiges from planned economy could harbor an entrepreneurial prowess and creative potential that is a remarkable manifestation of globalization in the context of its changing local institutions reveals thelogic behind a ‘China Dream.’

以迄今还极少被研讨过的那些尚未被拆除的上海中心街区为案例,周颖博士的新书《城中之隙- 上海城市中心地带空间发展中的创意性合作》试图从当代中国城市中看似无序,实为充满商机的城市空间开发体系入手,来探究许多令西方公众和学术界弄不太明白的方方面面。



Dr. Ying Zhou, is currently assistantprofessor at the University of Hong Kong (HKU)’s Department of Architecture.Her research interest on the relationship of contemporary urban developmentsand the growth of cultural industries and new economies in East Asian cities,global linkages and architectural knowledge exchanges developed from her workwith the chair of Kees Christiaanse at the Future Cities Lab of theSingapore-ETH Centre and with the chair of Herzog & de Meuron at the ETHStudio Basel. Born in Shanghai,Ying holds a B.S.E. in Architecture andEngineering from Princeton, a M.Arch. from the Graduate School of Design atHarvard, a Ph.D. from the ETH, and was a Fulbright fellow at the University ofStuttgart. She has practiced and taught in New York, Shanghai, Detroit, Boston,Basel and Hong Kong.

周颖博士目前是香港大学建筑系助理教授。她的研究集中在当代城市发展及东亚城市文化产业与新兴经济体,全球联系和建筑知识交流。她的研究来源于她所曾的在新加坡-苏黎世工大未来城市实验室Kees Christiaanse教席及苏黎世工大巴塞尔工作室Herzog &de Meuron教席的工作。周颖生于上海,拥有普林斯顿建筑与工程学院本科学位,哈佛大学设计研究生院硕士学位,苏黎世工大博士学位,也曾是在斯图加特大学的富布莱特奖国际访问学者。她曾在纽约、上海、底特律、波士顿、巴塞尔和香港从事实践和教学工作。

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Venue 地点:
HKU/Shanghai Study Centre
298 Bei Suzhou Lu (close to Sichuan Bei Lu)
Hongkou District, Shanghai
Metro Line 10 or 12, Tiantong Lu
地铁10 或12号线 天潼路站3号口