8 April: ‘Design with Sharism’

3 Collectivism - Mao

Next Tuesday, 8 April, we will continue our lecture series ‘Towards New Collectivism’ with social media specialist Isaac Mao, who will discuss ‘Design with Sharism’.

While we are still lingering in the historical legacy of collectivism, or even more contemporary communism, according to Isaac Mao, the world is morphing into an age of ‘Sharism’. The question is how we can benefit from that. Is a ‘sharing economy’ sustainable, or is ‘Sharism’ just a revision of capitalism? In his talk, Mao explains how ‘Sharism’ comes by, and how to integrate it into daily life and the world of design.

Isaac Mao (Mao Xianghui) is a computer scientist on social computing, entrepreneur and social media researcher. He was fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University, and is currently director of the Social Brain Foundation. He is also serving the board at Global Voices Advisory, JUCCCE, and GreatFire.org, amongst others. Mao is a regular speaker at global conferences about Internet culture.

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