9 September: Lecture Pieter Bannenberg, NL Architects

NL 20130909

NL Architects is an architectural office based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Their work is strongly rooted in Dutch architectural tradition that is famous for its conceptual approach and unique redefinition of programs and typologies. NL Architects is specialized in designing high-end architecture and urban projects. Their portfolio includes housing, commercial offices, leisure and sports facilities and interior design, many of which are internationally rewarded.

The office was founded in 1997 by Pieter Bannenberg, Walter van Dijk and Kamiel Klaasse and employs an international and highly educated staff of 25 people.

Their architecture can be understood as a form of sampling, recombining existing fragments, gluing bits and pieces together into new coherent arrangements. The Remix of Reality: the Architect as Deejay. By reconfiguring our everyday reality the offices hopes to establish more ‘meaningful’ combinations of what is ‘already there’. These ‘affective relations’ can emerge if we discover (or create) links with the context. This can either be the physical reality that envelops a project, or the set of rules and regulations or ‘culture’ that forms its backdrop.