July 20 – August 8, 2020: Career Discovery in Architecture (Shanghai)

Career Discovery in Architecture (Shanghai) 建筑学职业探索课程(上海)

HKUSSC 香港大学上海学习中心 

The University of Hong Kong established the Shanghai Study Center in 2008. It is housed in the historic Post Office Building, on Suzhou Creek. The Study Centre acts as a platform for new urban development ideas to be emerged from the fastest urbanizing region in the world. The public program at HKUSSC invites critics with challenging opinions, architects with provoking viewpoints, planners with innovative solutions and academics with new theories – all with the aim of understanding the current condition in Chinese cities, and to explore beyond today and tomorrow. The goal is to be able to generate new ideas that can contribute to better, more intelligent and more interesting cities and architecture. The establishment of this Centre is also part of the University’s ongoing effort to achieve a global vision in tertiary education by extending its academic curricula, exchange and public programs beyond the physical confines of Hong Kong, thus giving students a more international learning experience; helping with the development of professional education for changing professional needs in a rapidly globalizing context.

香港大学上海学习中心于2008 年建立,坐落于苏州河畔的邮政博物馆办公楼内。香港大学上海学习中心致力于成为各种思想交汇的平台。中心的公共项目中汇聚了来自评论者的观点,来自建筑师的实践经验,来自规划者的大局策略,来自学者的创新理论,让学界和业界倾听声音,交流思想。我们希望能够激发更 多的新的思路,同公众一同认识更好、更智慧、更有趣的城市和建筑。香港大学上海学习中心的建立是香港大学为保持高等教育的全球视野的一个承诺。在这里,香港大学将教学、合作和公共项目从香港带入上海,从而为学生带来更国际化的学习经历,帮助他们培养快速全球化环境所需要的职业素质。

Program Description 课程介绍

The Career Discovery in Architecture Program has been offered by the Faculty of Architecture at The University of Hong Kong since 1998.  It introduces to high school students with general knowledge on the subject of architecture. The program has gained wide popularity in Hong Kong since its inception, and received critical acclaim when it was introduced in Shanghai in the summer of 2018. The program consists of a series of workshops, field trips, lectures and design studios, which are led by both HKU faculty members and experienced professionals (architects, landscape architects, engineers) practicing in Shanghai. Lectures will include aesthetics of architecture, urban environment, landscape design, historic preservation, building and environment technologies, computer-aided design etc.  Workshops are a series of training sessions on basic design and technical skills such as free-hand drawing, orthographic projections, perspectives, photography and model making etc. Design Studio forms an integral part of architectural education. The studio aims to raise students’ awareness of the hands-on and interactive nature in architectural training. A series of small design exercises is assigned to provide students with opportunities to apply the design skills and knowledge acquired during the course.

建筑学职业探索课程由香港大学建筑学院于1998年开始主办,该项目致力于向学生介绍建筑学基本知识体系,帮助高中生了解专业内容。多年来项目深受广大家长和学生欢迎,2018年夏天该项目入驻上海,备受好评。课程包含一系列工作坊、讲座、外出采风和设计任务,任课老师和客座教师均为香港大学教师及具有丰富实践经验的建筑师、景观建筑师、工程师等。 课程包括建筑美学、城市空间、景观设计、历史建筑保护、建成环境、计算机辅助设计等方面的讲座,工作坊部分包括手绘、正交投影、透视绘图、摄影及手工模型等方面的训练。设计课是建筑教育的最重要的部分,能让学生认识到建筑学训练中“动手”的本质。学生们将会在一系列小型设计练习中运用在课程中学到的设计技巧和知识。

Past Lecturers 往届教师介绍

Prof. Weijen Wang, BSc, MSc Nat Taiwan; MArch UC Berkeley; FHKIA; HKID, Professor, Department of Architecture, Andrew KF Lee Professor in Architecture Design, HKU

Mr. Anderson Lee, BSc Michigan; MArch Princeton; RA (Hong Kong, New York); AIA HKIA RIBA Associate Professor of Practice, Department of Architecture, HKU Academic Director, Shanghai Study Center (HKU) President, AIA Hong Kong Chapter (2018)

Ms. Ying Zhou, BSc(Eng) Princeton; MArch Harvard; PhD ETHZ; Fulbright Fellow, Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture, HKU

Mr. Oscar Ko, BSc Michigan; MArch Columbia; Adjunct Lecturer, Department of Architecture, HKU Principal, Interval Architects

Mr. Zhaofan Li, BEng(Hons), MSc Tsinghua; 1st Class Registered Structural Engineer of China; PE; MASCE Adjunct Lecturer, Department of Architecture, HKU Associate Director, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP (SOM)

Mr. Darren Zhou, BA Columbia, MArch Princeton; LEED AP, Adjunct Lecturer, Department of Architecture, HKU Principal, SKEW Collaborative

王维仁 台湾大学学士硕士 美国加州伯克利大学硕士;美国建筑师协会/香港建筑师学会/香港设计师协会会员 香港大学建筑系教授

李亮聪 美国密歇根大学学士 美国普林斯顿大学硕士;香港及纽约注册建筑师;美国建筑师协会/香港建筑师学会/英国皇家建筑师学会会员 香港大学建筑系副教授(实践方向) 香港大学上海学习中心学术总监 美国建筑师协会香港分会主席(2018)

周颖 美国普林斯顿大学学士 美国哈佛大学硕士 瑞士苏黎世联邦理工学院博士 富布莱特学者 香港大学建筑系助理教授

高亦陶 美国密歇根大学学士 美国哥伦比亚大学硕士 香港大学建筑系客座讲师 空格建筑主持建筑师

李兆凡 清华大学学士硕士 中国一级注册结构师 美国加州注册土木工程师 美国土木工程师学会会员 香港大学建筑系客座讲师 美国SOM建筑设计有限公司副总监

周迅 美国哥伦比亚大学学士 美国普林斯顿大学硕士 LEED绿色建筑认证专家 香港大学建筑系客座讲师 偏建设计主持建筑师

General Information 咨讯

Program Director: Anderson LEE

Date: July 20- August 8, 2020 (Subject to change according to the notice by Ministry of Education of PRC due to Coronavirus epidemic)
Schedule: Monday – Friday 9:30 – 17:30, Saturday 9:30-12:30 August 8 only.
Language: English

日期和时间:7月20日 至 8月8日(可能根据中国教育部通知进行调整
周一到周五:9:30 – 17:30, 8月8日周六 9:30-12:30 

Location: HKU Shanghai Study Center, Shanghai, China 地点:香港大学上海学习中心(中国上海市虹口区北苏州路298号)

Eligibility 招生对象

– Grade 10 – 13 students (or equivalent) in the academic year 2019-20

– Non-architecture major undergraduate students who are considering changing their majors to architectural studies. (Note: this programme is cater towards High School students as their introduction to the study of architecture at the university level.) 大学在读并有意转建筑或相关专业的同学(注:本项目主要面向高中生,并帮助学生了解本科水平的建筑学专业)

– Non-architecture major undergraduate students who are considering changing their majors to architectural studies. (Note: this programme is cater towards High School students as their introduction to the study of architecture at the university level.)

Tuition 学费

Tuition: 18,500 HKD (including material kit). The fee excludes accommodation, meals, airfare / transportation. 学费:18,500 港币(包含学习材料包)。学费中不包含住宿、餐饮及交通费用。

Accommodation 住宿

Accommodation is not provided and covered by the programme. HKU does not guarantee the allocation of a hostel place due to the number of accommodation is too limited. Successful non-local applicants please be prepared to arrange your own off campus housing.


Application & Deadline 报名方式及截止日期

Non-local applications(require visa to enter China): 30 March 2020
Local applications: 15 June 2020
* Applications for non-local students past 30 March 2020 can still be accepted but we can not guarantee the visa process.


*For non-local applications(require visas entering China), please contact: cdsh@hku.hk for further details.

Application can be done via online system. Please refer to official website https://extranet.ad.arch.hku.hk/Admission/ARCH0002 to complete application process. Application will be accepted on a rolling basis and applicants are encouraged to apply as early as possible. For further details, please make inquiry to cdsh@hku.hk. 全部申请均通过在线系统进行。请转至官方网站 https://extranet.ad.arch.hku.hk/Admission/ARCH0002完成申请流程。该项目采取滚动录取方式,希望申请者尽早完成申请。有关报名具体要求,请邮件至cdsh@hku.hk进行咨询。


Contact 联系我们

Phone: +852 3917 2135/ +86 15317828593 Email: cdsh@hku.hk

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