March 5 – April 15, Geography, Landscape and Infrastructure: Studio Exhibition of BA(AS) Year 3 of The University of Hong Kong

Geography, Landscape and Infrastructure: Studio Exhibition of BA(AS) Year 3 of The University of Hong Kong


The exhibition presents the works of undergraduate architecture students at The University of Hong Kong Shanghai Study Centre(HKUSSC) during the Fall semester of 2017. It also reveals the cultural sparks that the students experienced while living and studying in Shanghai as “outsiders,” yet keen “observers.”

The topical theme of the semester was Geography, Landscape and Infrastructure. Within this unified theme, three design tutors selected their own sites that touched on different aspects about Shanghai. The teaching outcomes are presented through architectural drawings and models. On the other hand, students’ observation, analysis and documentation of the city are represented in video format. These documentations have not only allowed for the expansions on architectural scopes which dealt with issues on the history culture, economy of the city, but also the discussions on social issues that relate to the lives of its residents and their state of minds. It aims to open up new dialogues on contemporary history, art, and culture of the city through a different pair of lenses worn by the students from The University of Hong Kong.


这次教学活动围绕地理、景观和基础设施(Geography, Landscape and Infrastructure)三个议题展开。在统一的教学框架下,三位任课老师选择不同的基地,有侧重点地展开教学。教学活动将以文本以及实体模型的方式呈现。 这些年轻学子对上海这座城市的观察、梳理和总结,则以影像记录的方式呈现。从课程设计到对城市的影像记录,他们的思考层面涵盖城市形态、历史、文化比较、资本业态、居民个体内心与意识、社会问题等多个主题,以建筑学学生的独特视角为观者打开进入历史、文化、艺术和当下现实空间语境的渠道。

Host主办:Department of Architecture, The University of Hong Kong

Organizer承办:UrbanCross 衡复微空间

Thanks to鸣谢:Sub-district Office of Hunan Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai; Faculty of Architecture, The University of Hong Kong; Tong Ming, Nasrine Seraji, Anderson Lee

Curator 策展:
Kelsi Su, Xiaoying Huang, Urban Network Office

Tutors指导教师:Kenan Liu, Oscar Ko, Jianjia Zhou

Exhibitors参展学生: Chan Yuen Shing Ivan, Chung Bing Tsun, Coral Munot, Daniel Stiensmeier, Kwon Soeun, Leung Yan Kee Bertha, Lin Ying Ying, Park Ji Eun, Shivangi Das, Szeto Wai Ching Regina, Tsang Wan Kiu, Wong Suet Ying Sharon, Yao Yi Chen, Yuen Wing Ching,Tam Shing Yat.

Opening Reception开幕仪式
4:00 PM, Monday, March 5, 2018
2018.3.5 周一 16:00

Date 展期:March 5 – April 15, 2018
2018.3.5 – 4.15

Opening Hours 开放时间:
Tuesday – Sunday, 10:30AM – 6:00PM


Venue 地点:


37 Donghu Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai